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Businesses looking into Yorkshire film production at the moment might find the idea of addressable TV advertising an interesting one, where media companies are able to show different households watching the same programme different adverts. 
Advertisers are able to target their ads based on demographic, location, behaviours and so on, with messages displayed that are highly relevant to the viewer in question. 
Early last month, Nielson announced the beta launch of its own addressable TV platform, with WarnerMedia, CBS, Discovery, FOX and more testing the solution out and evaluating how well it operates alongside existing and evolving workflows. And if big-name brands are exploring this as an option, it might well be time to consider looking into it yourself. 
A new study from The Association of National Advertisers and Innovid, featured by The Drum, has found that the number of households with connected TVs will increase by 82 per cent come 2023. 
The report advised brands to try and balance education, creativity and clear calls to action when producing content, saying: “As consumer adoption of connected devices and the amount of time they choose to spend on them increases, marketers should begin looking at CTV in terms of how it can complement or even enhance linear and addressable TV strategies.” 
Moving and evolving with the times is wise for brands keen to remain successful, so if traditional TV advertising is changing, it could prove fruitful to start thinking about what changes you could make in order to ensure you’re still targeting your demographics in the most effective way. 
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